Block Rims
  I build my block rims using eight blocks per layer and multiple layers to get the depth that I want for my rims. I glue up each layer and sand each layer on a thickness sander before gluing the layers together. I glue the first layer onto my turning plate board (using paper between the face of the blocks and the plate). I use a strap clamp to compress the blocks together and hand clamp the layer to the turning plate board to hold in place while drying. I glue each additional layer together until I get the depth that I want for the block rim I am making.    



I have an inexpensive wood lathe that I used initially to turn my glued
up block rims. However, I was not satisfied with the quality of the
finished rims that I got with this lathe. I switched to using a router to
shape my rims. I started by purchasing a cross vise and stripping it
down to use just the cross turning screw components. I built a table,
mounted the above cross turning screws and attached my router.



I use the cross turning screws to move my router left and right
as well as forward and backward. I use end mills for cutting bits. I have two mounting positions (at 90 degrees from each other
on the table) to make the cuts to shape the rims. I mount my uncut block rim assembly, attached to a turning plate, on a lathe head post that I salvaged from an old wood lathe. I rotate the block rim assembly on this stand as I shape the rim using the router assembly.