Steam Bending Wood
  Some time ago, I decided to make some rims using steam bent wood. After looking on the internet, reading up on how to do it, I began my process. I built the steam chamber and cranked up the old camp stove to heat the water. After much experimenting, I discovered many cumbersome ways, techniques that didn’t work for me and created a lot of firewood in the process.    

Eventually I solved my problems and now have a pretty simple method of steam bending wood. I heat my water using an electric fry pan and radiator hose to create steam heat in the steam chamber to a temperature of 200 degrees. When I take the wood out, I bend it around my mold using a stainless steel strapping to conform the wood against the mold and clamp it in place. I bend wood 1/4” - 1/2” thick by about 3’ wide. I have bent white oak, red oak, walnut, cherry and maple so far.