The design of the basic open back banjo
incorporates a 12” block rim with an integrated wood bracket band that replaces the metal shoes of a traditional banjo rim. Cherry or walnut wood is normally used for constructing the block rim and the neck. The necks are typically two-ply necks with the grain direction of the wood opposed. Fingerboards and peg head overlays are made from either ebony or rosewood. A basic inlay pattern of dots is included on the fingerboard with a couple of cresent moons in the shape of an "S" in the peg head along with position dots on the edge of the fingerboard. Geared tuners are standard. The standard tail piece used is the no-knot tail piece. The finish that I use on these banjos is multiple hand rubbed coats of a product called
Tru-oil made by Birchwood Casey.

Understanding the different preferences that each of us have with our banjos, I am open to doing custom work, upgrades, etc. on the basic banjo. This includes custom inlay work, heel shapes, peg head shapes, upgrading to customer’s preferred hardware such as tuners, tail pieces, etc. I would quote any change in my prices based on custom requests before building starts.

This basic banjo with a ¼ inch brass rod tone ring is priced at $900. This same basic banjo with a dobson styled tone ring is priced at $950. A good padded TKL gig bag is available for $55 or a good hard shell case for $95. Shipping, if required, is additional.

I normally give a lead time of couple months from the time I start building a banjo. Total lead time is determined on the number of banjos currently on order and/or in process.